Hey everyone! Welcome back! Well, it’s been a bit of a tough week here. It started out with me getting heat exhaustion and ended with both Steve and I getting a nasty stomach bug, and he’s still fighting it off poor guy. Other then that, we’re just peachy!

One thing I’m learning about right now, (besides blogging, lol!) is gardening. We put all of our little plants into the box we have, and in a matter of weeks it looks like they just exploded over the edge. I mean, I knew they were going to grow, but it’s starting to look like the Amazon over by our grill lol. I think that I get just about as excited as the kids do when I finally start to see things growing in there. A raised box is so nice too, because we have these pesky chipmunks, and rabbits. They might look cute, and let’s be honest they do look cute, but don’t let their innocent looks fool you. That’s how all of my flowers get destroyed every time I plant something in the ground by our house. They think I put out a buffet just for them! I am getting pretty pumped though about getting to cook with something that grew right out of our own back yard. There’s just something about that. That feeling of being self sufficient.

Speaking of being self sufficient, another way I love to do that is fishing. My grandpa Dickey, when my brother and I were 5 and 6, had a boat. He loved to take us out on the lake, with our little fishing poles, and we’d catch sunfish, or bluegill. We were so proud of them, and he never threw them back. He would just take them home with us, and cook them up for us to eat. I think that was the start of a love for fishing that I was glad that I could take into my adulthood, and share with our kids.

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God bless,
Erin ~ Keystone Huntress

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