No Boundaries Outdoors is proud to announce that they have accepted Pro Staff positions with Outdoor Pro Gear.

About Outdoor Pro Gear:

We aren’t just another outdoor gear manufacturer. We don’t sit behind mahogany desks in a fancy high-rise office in the big city. Our office is the great outdoors.

We are farmers. We are fishermen and hunters. We run 5ks, marathons and rustic trails through woods and along sandy beaches. We like to breathe the fresh air as it rolls off the ocean and tousles our hair. The warmth of the sun and a cool spot in the shade beats heating and air conditioning any day. Watching a new batch of wood ducks leaving their nest or a fawn taking it’s first steps is better than anything you’ll ever see on TV. These are the things that inspire us; they breathe life into us; they are part of us. They are us.

So you see… we don’t just make outdoor gear. We use it. We know it. We live it and we love it.

About No Boundaries Outdoors:

Three guys from western Pennsylvania who specialize and have a passion for the outdoors. Stephen Heywood is the guru in video, web design, reviews, logos, and all things tech. He has been in the broadcast industry for 11 years and has been fishing his whole life and bow hunting the last 5 years. Drew Shaffer (the Barbarian) is always wanting to blow something up, kill something, or just plain just push something to the limits! He’s been hunting his whole life and comes with many years of experience. Floyd Pisor has been hunting his whole life and loves the outdoors. His passion for the outdoors and energy for the outdoors makes this team a great team.

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