No Boundaries Outdoors own, owner/host, Stephen Heywood is proud to announce that he has accepted a pro staff position with at RaptoRazor.

About RaptoRazor:

Welcome to Raptorazor, home of the “Big Game Skinner” and the “MAKO”; two knifes that will revolutionize the hunting and fishing world!

My Name is Rick Grover and I am the founder and inventor of Raptorazor. I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life. I was raised in Northern California, in the heart of Lassen County where the High Sierra mountain range ends and the Nevada desert begins. It offers a wide variety of hunting and fishing opportunities; everything from monster mule deer to the famous Eagle Lake Trout.

I am a third generation mason for the past 35 years. Working hard so I can play hard! Hunting and fishing have always been passions of mine that I now share with my wife and kids. I am always excited about my next hunting or fishing experiences with my family.

Being able to care for a harvested animal efficiently is something that I take pride in.
I designed The Big Game Skinner to help sportsman like myself handle game in a quick, easy, and efficient way. Making every hunting trip a successful one.

About No Boundaries Outdoors:

3 guys from western Pennsylvania who specialize and have a passion for the outdoors. Stephen Heywood (owner/host) is the guru in video, web design, reviews, logos, and all things tech. He has been in the broadcast industry for 11 years and has been fishing his whole life and bow hunting the last 5 years. Drew Shaffer (the Barbarian) is always wanting to blow something up, kill something, or just plain just push something to the limits! He’s been hunting his whole life and comes with many years of experience. Floyd Pisor has been hunting his whole life and loves the outdoors. His passion for the outdoors and energy for the outdoors makes this team a great team.

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