First broad heads I’ve ever purchased on the mechanical side were the Rage SS’s. Now I’ve seen different pro users saying how great these mechanicals were, but I was a bit nervous being new to archery hunting and not yet scoring a deer. I was nervous because some of my buddies have told me these mechanicals are a once and done deal. So you better get it right the first time. I’ve been archery hunting 2 years and still learning the ropes, haven’t had a buck or doe come within shooting distance. This year is different. I’ve been practicing at 60 and 70 yards and less. So I plan on shooting maximum of 40 yards, assuming the conditions are good. Now back to the broad heads. What’s not to like? Let’s look at the features:

New aerodynamic ferrule designed for peak performance
Sweeping blade angle for devastating wound channels
Razor sharp .035 inch stainless steel blades
Shock collar ensures proper blade retention
Specifically designed for bows with shorter draw lengths or lighter draw weights

These are great features, but not being able to use them again, without sharpening was a downfall. Last year I had a shot at a scrub buck on the last day. It was slightly past dark and I shot him in the brisket. Need us to say, he didn’t die, didn’t draw blood, but it trashed my Rage SS.

So now I’ve upgraded to Shwacker and Grim Reaper Broadheads so I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts with these as the season progress…

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