I just upgraded to the 2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo. What a fantastic bow. What a change from the Hoyt Charger I was using for over a year! I have the 34-inch axel-to-axle version of the turbo.

The all new Carbon Spyder ZT is available in three distinct configurations; 30 and 34-inch axle-to-axle configurations as well as the blazing fast turbo that spits out arrows at a real-world 350 feet-per-second. All feature the new patent-pending Zero Torque Cable Guard System and Hoyt’s latest technologies giving you the ultimate advantage on any hunt.

Strongest, lightest and quietest carbon riser we have ever made.
ZT Cable Guard System neutralizes unwanted torque.
Adjustable AirShox arm provides optimal damper location.
XTS Pro Arc Limbs harnessed by Pro-Lock Pocket system.
Turbo Version

Turbo Cam & 1/2, our fastest cam yet, producing blood-pumping speeds of 350 fps, “producing our fastest bow yet.”
75% let-off helps this speed cam maintain a generous valley.
Modular adjustable for easy draw length changes.

Coming from the Hoyt Charger, which is a smaller bow, not anything to slouch at, but shooting at a 325 feet per second at 70 pound draw.

Currently I’m sitting at 65 pounds with the Spyder but anxiously awaiting October 3rd archery season here in Pennsylvania to get going!

More to come later!

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