This review is of the Apex Gear Covert 4 Pin Sight. This is the new sight I upgraded to after getting my new bow. I wanted to get the best sights I could for my money. I’m not one of those people who just want to keep buying different sights and wasting all that money finding the best sights. Since I respect the opinions of those around me, that have been doing this longer than I have, I decided to take the suggestion of the archer tech at my local archery shop. He’s never steered me wrong and does all the tech work to my bow. He suggested for the money, he feels these are the best sights on the market.

I personally can’t say that because I haven’t tried every sight on the market, but I can say these sights are really, really good. So good in fact, that the guys I shoot with 3D weekly said my shooting has improved! Lets get a run down of the specs:

The COVERT™ archery sight family has grown giving you the choice between either a single–pin featuring VERSA•PIN™ TECHNOLOGY or an adjustable four-pin model. The VERSA•PIN™ TECHNOLOGY allows you to change pin size and color in seconds. The four–pin COVERT™ is equipped with a roving bracket, helping make it the ultimate multi–pin hunting sight. Locked, the COVERT™ four–pin works like a traditional fixed pin sight. Unlocked, it can be dialed in for deadly accuracy.

Ultra smooth easy one–hand adjustments.
GRAVITY–LINE™ rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity.
Includes over 60 pre–marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.
Rear–facing, easy–to–see yardage tape location.
Perfect for any light conditions.
Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level.
Quick and easy setup.
Bracket incorporates dampened end–of–travel stops.
Adjustable yardage pointer.
Adjustable for left and right handed users.
700 Hour battery life
Patent Pending.

They also come in 3 patters. Black, Real Tree Xtra, and Lost Camo. I’ve chosen the black to offset the camo of my bow. Here is the official .pdf of the product. It shows the single pin, but looks identical to the 4 pin. Click HERE

One of the biggest pros of this sight is that you can fine tune each of the settings. Also having the ability to be left or right handed depending on whether your right or left handed. Another pro is the ability to shoot 100 yards with a simple turn of the dial. The accuracy is.. well you need to try it and see for yourself. The 3 stage light is fantastic for low light, makes your pins glow super bright. One of the things from my previous sights, the Fuse, which I did like, but when I put the black light insert in, it would light up my whole inside sight and shine on my arrow. I was really worried in low light this would drive attention to it and game would pick up on it. This one just lights up the pins. The 700 hour battery life is always a plus.

One of the cons I would say would have to be lack of setup videos. In this day in age, many people resort to youtube or the website for setup videos. Not everyone is a text learner. Some people are visual (like I am) and learn by being hands on and seeing it happen. Thankfully my bow tech at the archery shop was able to show me how to set the additional yardage pin to ensure I’d have the proper settings when shooting 60-100 yards.

Another con would have to be the lack of documentation on what the adjustments do on the sight. Maybe for a season veteran or a bow tech, no necessary instructions are needed. But having an advanced sight coming from a entry level fuse, I’d say it’s needed. Also best practices for adjusting.

Price point varies depending on the pattern you get and where you get it from. Apex’s site, has them priced as follows:

Black: $158.00
Real Tree Xtra: $172.00
Lost Camo: $172.00

Now I paid $135 at my local archery shop, and one of our staff got it on Amazon for $119 so shop around and see kind of prices you find.

All in all it’s a great sight, but I highly recommend you getting your bow tech to help install it as well as give you instructions on how to set it up to ensure you don’t accidentally change a setting that could potentially ruin a great hunt.

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